WarPaint's Couple- Aubre' and Joe 

They sit with each other, hand in hand, reading the newest nomination into their WarPaint Project; a woman named Emily is being introduced. They read about her love of Bull Mastiffs and her Warrior Spirit smiling through Breast Cancer, supporting all others who cross her path. The two look into Emily's social media page seeing a woman with a contagious smile, flexing her bicep, 'I am The Storm'. After a brief moment of a friend request, they would meet Emily and be seated front row to view the most brave, graceful, and inspirational woman to ever be nominated. Today, they dedicate their next chapter of the WarPaint Project; The Goddess Project to Emily; a place dedicated to the Warrior Women of Breast Cancer, so they may see how powerful their story of fight, of freedom, and of inner-strength inspires us all. #goddessproject @warpaintaubre social media

Since 2011, Aubre' and Joe have been creating a life together, celebrating two new sons together, and now creating art, painting together for individuals nominated into their WarPaint Project. Joe began his artistic journey in November 2019 with Acrylic Pouring. By May 2020, both Aubre' and Joe would use a wide variety of tools and techniques to create artwork for their project. They've discovered painting together creates a unique platform for communicating about their relationship. The two are working on sharing this 'art couples therapy' in their highly anticipated 'Enzo Project' coming out in the fall of 2020. #enzoproject @warpaintaubre social media 

Aubre' and Joe begin each painting by reading the 'Warrior Nomination Form' submitted online. They look through hundreds of posts, photos, and research the illness their Warrior is living with. The 'Warrior Painting Design' stage is next; creating a collage of personality traits, favorite items, and including the painting request, that are added together to create the 'Warrior Sketch'. After the sketch, a color palette is carefully chosen; color, tone, highlights, shadow, hues, are considered and finally chosen. The couple then practices their Warrior Painting on a small canvas to work out any last minute changes. During this time they interact with their Warrior and their family, sharing updates, asking the WarPaint Community to help support their Warriors, and becoming friends with each; the relationships built with their Warriors the most important element of the project. 


When the time comes their Warrior Painting is painted, they paint with soulful intent; to say all the things words don't exist for, to express their gratitude to have ever been given the ability to paint; that their gift of a painting create a moment of peace, of tribute, and of the upmost respect, that their Warriors know this painting was made from all they have to give. Once the painting is complete, they hang it on the wall and stand in front of it, hand in hand, a full circle to the nomination form; with hopes they transform their Warrior's day to contain a celebration of self that never expires. They hope every Warrior Painting act as an embrace, every time it is viewed,a reminder that 'You are A Warrior' to all of us. 


Aubre' and Joe pay for all materials, packing, gifts, and shipping; their non-profit not yet recognized as 501(3)c. They sell artwork to supplement income and give art classes online. The two have otherwise fully devoted their lives to the single moment their Warrior sees their painting. The Warrior Reveal sometimes done by video, shows their Warriors unwrapping the more than two dozen gifts and painting.  They hope their painting and gifts show the children and women in their project they are not alone #neverfightalone and they are surrounded by a community of people who know their story, who are inspired by the way each of them live above their diagnosis.

Even in the cases where their Warrior has passed, Memorial Paintings take on another very important role; to help with grieving and give hope to family's who grieve. #WarriorsNeverDie a truth in the studio, naming painting techniques like 'Ariya's Puddle Stomp' or the 'Titus Turtle Pour' so their Warrior Guardian Angels live forever, in their studio, in their lives. 

Aubre' and Joe, uniquely talented, gifted in expressing pride, bravery, and respect through painting, giving away artwork to individuals fighting Cancer, Autism, and other life-altering diagnosis; a gift of sharing a story about each person as a hero in life; deserving respect, deserving support, deserving more from anyone who knows them. This couple use their love for each other as the environment for the emotional artwork created in it; from nominations to shipping, they do this together; The WarPaint Project celebrates Warriors of Cancer & Life with a free, custom-made, custom-designed, acrylic artwork made to act centerpiece in a gift-giving event meant to change the world for just one moment, for one Warrior at a time, so they may know their story has the power to inspire at least two people to stop their lives in order to tell that person their story is incredible, #fightbabyfight


If you would like to help, click Donate and give the gift of any amount. If you would like to donate an entire painting and gift to one Warrior on a monthly basis, click the Donate Page to learn more. If you would like to donate gifts into each GiftBox, please go to the Donate page and click 'GiftBox Sponsor' and if you would like to Sponsor the WarPaint Project from a Corporate Level, please email donations@thewarpaintproject.org 

The WarPaint Project's Founders Aubre and Joe thank every Warrior and their family for sharing their lives, and stories, with them. They appreciate every donation, every friendship, every giftbox item, and all the likes and shares. Without everyone involved in the ways you are, this project would not be what it is. 

God Bless Our Warriors. 


What we do is more about WHO we do it for; "Warriors" in the WarPaint Project are people who are diagnosed with life-altering diseases, syndromes, and circumstances, who share their story with us and who give us the inspiration for their painting.


When we receive a 'nomination form' from the website we learn a little about our Warriors' diagnosis and have their links to share with everyone. We then reach out, one-on-one, to design the painting. We ask for a healthy photo to share alongside their 'Warrior's Letter' and begin our journey sharing the new nomination with all our social media pages. As the painting is being designed and painted, we can see updates on our Warrior's pages which we share. In a short time we become very familiar with our Warriors and become ready to create their painting. This is a personal image, it's meant to show our Warriors how much we all care. 

Since the beginning, we've celebrated Warriors nationwide, of many ages, types, and stages of, diagnosis. here's an idea of who we've met and continue to be inspired by; Warriors of Life don't have an illness they live to fight; they live with purpose, with strength, despite their diagnosis; they teach us lessons about faith, family, community and the love of self that we all need to pay attention to.  We paint for Warriors of Life, forced to live above their diagnosis. They teach us about life, family, faith, and give us the inspiration to be better people. We paint because they deserve to be 'wowed' at how their story gave us life. 

The Father's Day Painting Raffle
LJ's Gorilla Painting
warrior of FARA


Giving custom artwork away to Warriors of Cancer, Autism, and other Diagnosis, to honor their bravery, fearlessness, faithfulness, and spirit. We share their story, rally the troops, and give a gift only a Warrior can have; it cannot be bought, cannot be duplicated; Warrior Art: Artwork Inspired By Warriors Of Life. 

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