Annette Miller, Warrior of Breast Cancer, lost her painting in a fire early June 2021.

Art that LOVES

Each painting is carefully designed using the painting requests made by our Warrior's friends and family. We create an image that shows our Warrior this painting was made exclusively for their Warrior Tribute

Every painting you see was created exclusively for one very special Warrior.
319 paintings in less than two years, all at no cost to our Warriors, donate, keep this gift free

Shipping Costs

We pay for all materials, all packing, and all shipping for every Warrior Gift. Since February 5th, 2019, we've successfully shipped over 300 paintings and thousands of handmade gifts. The best part is, our Warriors pay nothing! 

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Jackson lost his life fighting cancer in October 2020. JK Rowling helped us with donating gifts
Be Inspired


WarPaint Project, Inc is a great place for celebrity guests to show their generous side. Here, Jackson's painting is of JK Rowling's Harry Potter Gryffindor House Seal. JK Rowling also gave Jackson books, a sweater, hand-signed note, and upon his passing, sent Parker, his younger brother, a second gift.

Donating to us never goes to salary; your donation stays with our Warriors