When you donate you instantly see your donations at work. We purchase canvas, paint, mediums, and varnish, and add gifts, and wrap every painting with a bow on top. We ship paintings sometimes five feet in length from New York to California. And, we give a painting with over 40 additional handmade gifts, to children, teens, men, and women, an EFFORT of creating art and handmade treasures to show their recipients we care. 

We use your donations to purchase ArtSets with over 200 pieces, giving our Warrior Kids and Teens the ability to learn how to create art, having the supplies they need, the training they deserve, so they can too create, draw, and paint for fun. 

Anyone donating is named on the back of every painting, showing our Warriors a list of more than 180 names, no matter the amount donated. Your name shows our Warriors their story is being heard and they matter to us. 

Thank you for all you do, we appreciate everyone who helps us give more, do more, creqate more., and be more of a gift to the people who deserve to know their strength, their bravery, and their grace, are the truest work of art. 




Our Warrior's Strength, as they fight for life, their bravery and nobility, are the truest work of Art

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