Warrior Story and Painting Reveals 

Click any photo to read about each Warrior

  • Meet ACE

    Meet ACE

  • Meet Alex

    Meet Alex

    Alex's Buffalo Bills Touchdown

  • Meet Annette

    Meet Annette

    Native American Warrior

  • Meet Emily

    Meet Emily

    Surprise Painting Design

  • Meet Emma

    Meet Emma

    Mermaid holds the sun

  • Meet Haddie

    Meet Haddie

    Video Reveal!!!

    Sweet Haddie. Warrior of Childhood Cancer,
    Nominated by mom Christan
    Painting Request, Haddie's Kitten
    Because cats can't come into the hospital but now her painting can.... 😭😭😭


  • Meet Janera

    Meet Janera

    Phoenix with 7 Tails

  • Meet Jillian

    Meet Jillian

    Fine art Chicken/ Acrylic Pour Benath

  • Meet Justin

    Meet Justin

    Pocket watch in the Galaxy, with the infinity sign for time; a pink floyd logo triangle and rainbow 'charges' this time piece

  • Meet Mary

    Meet Mary

    The Lone Cypress Tree 5ft

  • Meet Michelle

    Meet Michelle

    Wonder Woman Silhouette

  • Meet Tricia

    Meet Tricia

    Painting In Design

  • Meet Wendy

    Meet Wendy

    Wendy's Rose Wall


Our Warrior's Strength, as they fight for life, their bravery and nobility, are the truest work of Art

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