When The Human Spirit Breaks

This Virus, it reaches the depths of depression, fear, anxiety, and self-worthlessness like no other event in human history; what are we going to do? We are faced with a looming decision to stop, pause, do something else that economically makes more sense; outside of painting and packaging, this project costs money.

I've always been able to attract the helpers, supporters, and donations needed to support everything needed; but they too face the unknown future with job layoffs, waiting for the world to reopen, waiting, waiting, and more waiting. For some strange, mystical, unknown reason I am not afraid; I am excited, knowing we will find solutions. Existing beyond Facebook's 5,000 friends that can see us, or the 300 that actually do, requires emails, tweets, blogs, podcasts, Tik-Tok videos, YouTube videos, and so, so, so much more. I do it alone, happy dance before the 'send' knowing on the other side of this is your generosity.

Let's get real; this is not a lot of money; in total $3000 is more than a month of operation and completed paintings for everyone nominated. Then, the waiting list that's accumulated can be opened and we can continue. I've never thought one person would give that amount but we've had donations like this before.

The human spirit has in it an instinct to help others, to do what you've never done before; be the solution to another person's problem because you feel moved. I know this feeling, it gave me the idea to begin this project in the first place. Today, I am uploading the more than 200 Warrior photos, stories, artwork received, and videos. You need to see what this project accomplishes; then we can ask for your help.

Do not break, do not sink into fear; we will all get through this together; I promise. Spend the day loving yourself, catching up with people you care about, and should our beloved project be something you want to see survive; please donate.

I will be listening to music, way too loud for the age of 43, dancing with my two-year-old and telling these amazing stories of the day the art met its Warrior; the Warpaint Project mission' To Convince A Warrior They are Warriors alive and ready for tomorrow. Help us; it's so much fun to see your donations create moments that live in the hearts of our Warriors, forever.

Thank you for all your help, your support, and your generous donations; you are why we give this gift; we wouldn't want it any other way. We give this gift together or not at all.

Aubre' and Joe





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