Warpaint Project Inc needs you.


As we pack all the remaining paintings, ready for shipping, we remind everyone that we have not taken any new nominations for two months while we concentrate on shipping.

We need your generosity, your shares, your support, more than ever. This project has always seen the love and light in others as we continue through our second year of operation. Take a moment, look at the impact your donations have made. Over 300 Warriors celebrated with free paintings, and donated, handmade gifts, music, and more. We are honored to be here to show you what we can do when you donate.

Click the link below and let's get these paintings home. We appreciate all you'll do tonight .

Ps, on the home page there is a Warpaint ArtBook for free download, 20 pages of paintings turned to coloring pages. Print and enjoy and please share your creations with us! And, it's for free.

Thank you everyone for all your support.

Can't wait to see their sweet faces open their gifts. This is what its all about!

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