Tuesday, Three Paintings Completed, 38 to go!

The thing is, when I create art it's a part of my soul on display; what I believe, where I hurt, and how I deeply I love sits in piles of paint that make shapes for Warriors of Cancer.

Why I do this is as big a mystery as why it's so beneficial that I do. Maybe other artists will learn the most valuable lesson in all this-- paint and give it away and you'll find the reason your talent was bestowed on you. But, most won't.

A man wrote on my fundraising page, "look at my art and let me know if you would like it" so I looked. We entered into a conversation that ended in disaster. I would find a Warrior Native American woman that I could use for a gift but I knew it wasn't his, the artist's name was not his, this was clearly a screenshot. I asked for the painting and he offered me to buy it for $280 sighting canvas, paint, and shipping costs. When I showed him the painting I wanted, he asked me whose art that was... And then offered me a pen drawing of Buckwheat on paper. When I explained I give my art away, for free, and custom design every piece for Warriors of their diagnosis, he said he couldn't do that, 'he's got to live'. To that I said, 'no offense, but you have no idea what living is'.
We prove far more than Warriors are everywhere, rarely acknowledged as Warriors. We also show that by using your talent, you can give the gift of a moment that no illness can interfere with.
If you'll donate, if you'll endorse us, if you'll share us, and show us what we do matters, I will show you how generosity changes the world, one Warrior at a time, 1000 times if you allow. For now 44 await the news their Warrior Gifts are on the way.
Thank you so for all you do
🦋 Aubre and Joe
@warpaintaubre @pourhousejoe

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Giving custom artwork away to Warriors of Cancer, Autism, and other Diagnosis, to honor their bravery, fearlessness, faithfulness, and spirit. We share their story, rally the troops, and give a gift only a Warrior can have; it cannot be bought, cannot be duplicated; Warrior Art: Artwork Inspired By Warriors Of Life. 

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