Tribute to Stephanie Sasser Warrior Guardian Angel

Stephanie Sasser, a Warrior of Metastatic Breast Cancer joins Jackson, now a Guardian Angel of our Warpaint Studio. We suspend all paintings and fundraising efforts to share our experiences with Stephanie. Her painting, of two elephants (her favorite) adorned with a Sunflower in her crown, (also her favorite) is raising her trunk to meet her son's in a fistbump. We took this idea from a family photo shoot, where Steph and her baby share the same exchange.

Stephanie contacted me with her story, never a word about herself, she asked a painting be made for her son. That he know her love, that he remember her forever, and then she told me her story.

Stephanie was never shy about her scars, she shared a photograph of her double mastectomy that will take your breath away. Her chest to us is what Warrior's skin looks like when God replaces the breasts with a heart that never dies.

Joe never seeing what I viewed that day, when Mary showed me her scars, was overwhelmed with what Stephanie went through. He held the phone, tears rushed down his face, and he would consider the question that moves us to do what we do; What If Cancer happens to us?

Stephanie was told she would not live beyond March, yet, her life made it beyond the spring, and to her wedding day, and to the moments that led to her purpose fulfilled.

We love you Stephanie, our Warrior of Life, we are without words with news of your passing. We will sign your baby up for every gift we ever give, he will inherit our love for you. You've been one of the only three women in our entire project, of 309 Warriors, who moved us, taught us to appreciate each other, and gave us the most honest look at what a woman, a mother, and a wife endures when battling breast cancer.

With all our love,

Aubre and Joe , Bailey, Hunter, Liam, and Silas and the entire WarPaint Project family and community.

Your fight for life is truly a work of art.

#warriorsneverdie #warriorslikeSasser

#metawarriorslikeSasser #guardianangellove

Everything we do, is in your honor.

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Giving custom artwork away to Warriors of Cancer, Autism, and other Diagnosis, to honor their bravery, fearlessness, faithfulness, and spirit. We share their story, rally the troops, and give a gift only a Warrior can have; it cannot be bought, cannot be duplicated; Warrior Art: Artwork Inspired By Warriors Of Life. 

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