Nominate your Warrior of Kind Deeds today then you'll vote on the final three.

Our first Warrior of KIND DEEDS for 2020

And YOU'LL decide who wins it.

The Warrior of Kind Deeds is a very special category, one only FOUR people own the title! This person, unlike all other Warriors, do not require a life-altering diagnosis to be nominated for this gift; they just need to be the KINDEST person we can find.

Attached is the link for the WARRIOR NOMINATION FORM; I challenge everyone reading this post to tell me the story of your Warrior of Kind Deeds. Joe and I will narrow your entries down to the most extraordinary three and ask you to vote between the three.

Winner receives a free painting, all our Warrior Gifts, AND they inherit a Warpaint Project Nomination they may use on anyone.

Bring on the KINDNESS!!! We cannot wait to see what you have. Please SHARE THIS POST and let's find our Warrior of KIND DEEDS 2020. Entries accepted until May 22, 2020 (One Week) then we turn the voting over to you and DECIDE on 06/01!

Good Luck- Let's acknowledge people for their kindness, it's so important we do.

Aubre' & Joe

The Warpaint Project Inc, Nonprofit

Giving paintings, gifts, and extraordinary experiences to Warriors of Cancer, Autism, Downs Sydrome, and other life altering diagnosis. To convince Warriors they are Warriors

2020. 🦋

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