Memory Lane; A Place of Importance

When looking over the last 16 months, since February 5th, 2019, when this project began, I found photos and people I haven't thought of in a while; some because I've been so busy, others because it's so painful. Today, I watched the video of Charley losing her hair, this video crushed me. This is the video...

After, I decided to create her Jellyfish painting, to remind her that Bald is Beautiful! The Tentacles even had the word Warrior in Braille:

The most important element to the Smiles for Baby Charley Jellyfish isn't the jellyfish at all; it's the story behind why I chose this and it's hidden secret message.

I was asked to paint her 'rainbows' by mom. I must have painted 20 different things; all containing a paste that dries like concrete. Charley was blind so I wanted her to feel her painting.

When the video of her head being shaved was shown, I cried for a week. It revealed the zzzzz scars of three brain surgeries. This poor child, it's just not fair, I cried and cried on the 7th night I heard, saw, and then read about jellyfish and found it a sign that it's rainbow colors and Bald beauty were perfect for Charley. I finished the painting in an hour. In its tentacles the word "Warrior" in Braille. I was so excited to give it to her and reached out for the address.

Someone read my post, seeing her painting revealed before shipping and wrote to me that Charley passed. Anyone following me at the time knows I didn't take this well especially since she would never know how much we were inspired by her. It sucked. I nearly shut the project down so disappointed in myself for taking too long.

Charley will always be so special to me. Her videos show a child that is dedicated to walking and healing. Her fight the most brave I've seen, ever. I am so honored her mother accepted her painting and hope she knows how important Charley's light still is. Yes We do.

All my love, with all I am,


@warpaintaubre #warriorsneverdie


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Giving custom artwork away to Warriors of Cancer, Autism, and other Diagnosis, to honor their bravery, fearlessness, faithfulness, and spirit. We share their story, rally the troops, and give a gift only a Warrior can have; it cannot be bought, cannot be duplicated; Warrior Art: Artwork Inspired By Warriors Of Life. 

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