Jackson opens the JK Rowling Gift from London, Harry Potter Loves Jackson.

Celebrity Gift from JK Rowling arrived! To Jackson, Warrior of Childhood Cancer, son of Virginia Addicks Bates. An experience only Warriors can have... When life's "should do's" become "must do's" then my morning transforms into a frantic search for JK Rowling that was totally successful. She responded asking me to work with Caroline, her assistant, who sent Jackson a jacket, books, autograph, and letter. I would do anything for our Warriors, and I do. There isn't a celebrity, a painting, or a task required of me that I won't push myself to finish, so these Warriors know the power of their story. Jackson... This moment is only made possible because you are a Warrior. We are all so proud of you. Your painting, and another two dozen gifts are coming next! So many people love you. 🦋 Aubre and Joe @warpaintaubre @pourhousejoe Thewarpaintproject@gmail.com The Warpaint Project Inc Nonprofit Www.thewarpaintproject.com/donate-here Giving experiences to Warriors of Cancer, like Jackson, that only Warriors can have. Thank you to all of our supporters that made this, and all other moments, possible.


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