A letter from Warpaint to Lisa, saying Goodbye to Ace. Warrior of Childhood Cancer, Guardian Angel

Lisa Bennett Langley

Ace's passing is so devastating to us, we have small sons who we couldn't imagine losing. When one of our Warrior Children fighting Cancer dies, we grieve with a genuine loss. His presence, his smile, his enormous personality, shines through every photo, video, and story you shared.

Grandparents are underestimated, never forget you saved his life, the one he lived day to day, as his guardian, his grandmother, and undoubtedly his greatest gift in life. When we learned you and his grandfather left your home, moved to another home closer to where Ace needed medical treatment, it made me so proud. Proud that I was able to know the lengths a grandmother would go to, to care for her grandson, in ways no other story we've found has. The bond between the two of you was necessary for Ace to find his purpose in life, ushered to Heaven fulfilled.

You are a Warrior too, we know the brutal truths Cancer treatment brings having sat front row to more than 220 individuals in our project with Cancer. The side effects, the aftermath, the medical trauma, emotionally draining even those with a strong will. You've had to see a child who was worth saving, beat Cancer, just to have it return. You've had to see his vibrance fade to the end of his life. Always remember his life, his legacy, and his Warrior spirit will remain alive, in our home, in our hearts, and in our studio forever.

Today, we suspend all work, we stop painting, and we remember why we do this; to celebrate the lives of individuals who show us, "what if?' With the grace, strength, bravery, and nobility most grown men don't have, your grandson learned to be all, finding his Warrior within. We will always remember his loving his chapstick the most, out of all his gifts,:thanks for the chapstick" he says at the end.

When a child touches his painting we say he transfers life into it, that can be felt forever. We hope his painting, wherever it hangs, embraces you as you walk by, helping you remember the child you raised to become a hero, a fighter, and a Warrior.

From all of us at the WarPaint Project, from every Giftbox Sponsor, fellow Warrior, and their family, our donors, friends, and our community, we pray for your healing.

With all we are, every day,

Aubre and Joe,

The WarPaint Project Inc

Painting for Warriors, #warriorslikeace so they know their lives are a work of art.


Where #warriorsneverdie

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Our Warrior's Strength, as they fight for life, their bravery and nobility, are the truest work of Art

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