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What is a 'Warrior'?

Warriors are individuals fighting life-threatening and life-altering diagnosis who are living above their challenges; who use their medical challenges to inspire others. Our Warriors are often found counceling others, are proud of their unique circumstances, and seek to empower others who share their condition.

What is included in the "free" Warrior Painting and GiftBox?

Each Warrior's story is shared on our website and social media so that we may gather additional supporters for their pages, links, and fundtraisers. We've found an additional 20-25% increase in our Warrior's pages on Facebook in the initial share. Sharing our Warrior's Story and asking our community to donate to our Warriors, is FREE. The Painting is created from the design ideas mentioned on the 'Nomination Form', all design, materials, and shipping of their painting, is FREE. The WarPaint GiftBox is an accumulation of handmade items made by Aubre' and Joe and donated items from various others. Each item is 'bundled' together and placed inside the shipping box with the WarPaint Painting. All items sent with the painting are FREE. The highly anticipated 'Paint-A-Wish' Art Supplies and Instruction is also FREE. We will accumulate, curate, and customize full art 'boxes' themed around a specific type of skill. From Drawing to Watercolor Painting, we want to show our Warriors how to use Art as a means of creating beautiful things to share with the world. Materials, shipping, classes, and tutorials are FREE. Our feeling is our Warriors have paid enough. It's time we all work together to give them a beautiful, fun-filled, art-filled, experience while they fight. We will continue to add to their GiftBox and Warrior Tribute every day; what we give will not ever be enough.

How long does it take to receive their painting and gifts?

In short, as long as a year. We cannot guarantee when a painting will be completed. As each Warrior is accepted and the designs begin, there are complicated decisions that have to be made in order for the 'right' painting to be made. From medium to canvas size, to color palette and mood, as artists we have to make sure we've given each Warrior 100% of the time and attention they deserve. Some paintings have taken as little as 20 minutes, some many months; we say the longer it takes the more important the painting becomes. Our Warriors will not only remember this experience forever; if we do it right, because it's a gift from their family, a gift of pure admiration, that they give a gift that cannnot be found anywhere, made only for their Warrior, a painting that pushes us as artists to get it right; to show our Warriors their fight for life be one we all acknowledge as incredibly brave, uniquely powerful, and containing a message about life we all need to pay attention to learn. If we rush, we miss the lesson, we miss the acknowledgement, the purpose, the point; when done with the upmost respect, we know their painting will last forever as a moment when the world stopped to listen to our Warrior's voice.

How does this work?

1. A Nomination Form is filled out and submitted via the website 2. The Nomination Form is reviewed by a panel to determine if the Warrior nominated is someone fitting the description of 'Warrior' and if there is authenticity to the diagnosis mentioned in the nomination form as 'life-altering' 3. Research is done into the links, pages, and fundraisers shared within the Nomination Form to determine if the information shared is authentic to the information found. 4. The Nomination is approved and a return email is given to the Warrior Nomination return email, or a call is made, to discuss any questions about the painting's design. 5. The Warrior Story is created and shared, along with the request for our community to 'follow' our Warriors on social media. We ask donations are made to them directly and we begin to follow their story. 6. The painting is begun; sketches, details, symbols, practicing, perfecting, and then completion. Extra gifts are gathered an d wrapped, the painting is wrapped. On the back of every painting a letter of authenticity and an invitiation to sell prints/merchandise is given. 7. On the day the painting is shipped, their story is told again, along with our experience painting for them. 8. On the day the painting arrives to our Warriors, photos and videos are shared of them opening their gifts; it is awesome they know the effort they're worth; that we stop everything to honot them, several times, that they know we admire and care so much for them. That they know their story inspire art. We follow our Warriors forever and any gifts we add to the WarPaint GiftBox is offered to all Warriors should they want it. They are our family forever.


Giving custom artwork away to Warriors of Cancer, Autism, and other Diagnosis, to honor their bravery, fearlessness, faithfulness, and spirit. We share their story, rally the troops, and give a gift only a Warrior can have; it cannot be bought, cannot be duplicated; Warrior Art: Artwork Inspired By Warriors Of Life. 

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