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Jenn & Pete nominated Emily into the Warpaint Project including this touching letter below. Emily D. would be a name among more than 300 nominations to us, until we met her ourselves. Then we would learn why Pete and Jenn jumped to the opportunity to recognize this special and beautiful individual who would become our friend, our inspiration to another dozen pieces of artwork called "The Goddess Project" recognizing the women of Breast Cancer. Meet Emily.


We met Emily through the love of our dogs. Our breeder has a page on FB for Desert Sky Alumni so all of the owners can keep in touch and share stories with people who own puppies from the same litters. Emily has a sister to our Bullmastiff, Remi, named Katana. Through this dog family connection, she would comment on our posts and we would comment back. We would ask questions and she would ask questions. Remi was the runt of the litter so we would often compare Remi and Katana to see how similar they are, or aren’t! She just seemed like a wonderful down to earth person. We became FB friends outside of the alumni page and started talking daily. I have been having a difficult time in my own life. I had lost both parents, my uncle and my 9 year old Bullmastiff Karma, my heart dog, all in a span of 15 months and this led to increased depression. Emily and I had a conversation one night because she reached out, worried about me. We realized we had both been through some tough situations in our past. She had been battling something I had dealt with first hand in my family and came out the other side.  All of this was before we even knew she had cancer. That in itself was really amazing to me that someone dealing silently with what she had going on still had the compassion to reach out and help others. Emily has always been positive and a fighter even in the worst situations.  She posts positive and enlightening things even in her darkest hours and shows support to me and builds me up when I’m feeling down. So our relationship continued to grow. One day she colored her hair a really pretty silvery/purple color and we would come to find out shortly after that post that she has breast cancer. From the minute she found out, she had some more fun with her hair, and then shaved it all off.  She took everything in stride and always had that confidence that she was a fighter, a warrior, and she was going to beat this. She has documented her journey, always being positive, regardless of how she felt or what she was going through that day. Trips she has had to the hospital, in a hospital gown, fighting infection or complication from her chemo with a smile on her face. Not only does she continue to fight this cancer like the badass she is, she has been a constant support for me and my struggles and I have no doubt to others as well. I can’t imagine the battle she is fighting and hope I never have to. She has been a bright, positive light in my life. As our relationship grew, Emily sent me a bracelet that she bought for herself, myself and our breeder Danielle that says: Fate whispers to the warrior “You cannot withstand the storm.” And the warrior whispers back “I am the storm.” I couldn’t believe in just the little time we had been getting to know each other that I would get something so amazing and heartfelt from someone who had barely gotten to know me at that point. It showed me what kind of person and friend she is. She continues to put a smile on her face every day. She still has a difficult road ahead but I have no doubt that because of her positivity and her will to fight she will beat cancers ass. To me, that is a warrior, a person I look up to and someone we are so blessed to have in our life. 

Thank you Pete and Jenn for introducing Emily to our family and to our Project, we are forever grateful to know Emily's Warrior Ways. She remains the most Influential woman we have ever met in the Warpaint Project and in our lives. Because of Emily, we are able to understand the special respect due to women who fight cancer and give them a special space in our project today, the Goddess Project beginning with Emily, Katie, Lindsay and more. Emily hopes to reach teens, young women and even young men, diagnosed with Breast Cancer so that she might walk them through what to expect. She's honest but loving, bold but sweet, and so healing to anyone she encounters. Emily, we adore you, this is for you, so that you know how far your light shines.


Aubre and Joe


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This link gives you all our tagged videos, please take a look at the great moments we create, but only with your help, only with your support.

Is the place you can help us continue, we need you now, more than ever.

Watch the videos, read the posts @warpaintaubre on Instagram and Facebook and see our artwork as it loves our Sweet Warriors. Then, decide how you can help us with this important mission.

To show our Warriors their fight for life is a Work of Art.

Aubre and Joe

The WarPaint Project 501c3 founders

A letter to anyone who has the ability to donate, sponsor, share, or support us ..

Please kindly forward this letter to someone in your organization who has a child, or spouse, or is personally fighting Cancer; it is only with their unique experiences that The WarPaint Project has value beyond what can ever be purchased and its our once in a lifetime gift that we change their world, at least for a moment, by a gift-giving event only Warriors of Life-altering, life-changing, and sometimes life-ending diagnosis can have; a tribute to their bravery, their unchanged faith, and a gift to the family that become one Warrior.

We are the Warpaint Project, created by two self-taught artists, a healthy mother and father of healthy children who learned the fragility of life; who've seen what the scars of breast cancer look like after a double mastectomy; who felt the terrible loss of a child in their Project who passed right before Christmas; who spend themselves in this worthy cause to paint for those Warriors of Cancer a painting made exclusively for this Tribute; a gift-giving event of enormous value, of a painting, made by the requests from their family, more than two dozen gifts from people just like them. It's, a sight to see, it moves you in ways words don't exist for, inspiring us all to be more generous with our gifts, more appreciative of our own lives. Its with tears of joy, with them knowing their fight is visible, that we, as healthy people, appreciate the one thing our Warriors fight for; more time. That we take the TIME to create, paint, share, and gather as many supporters as we can fit in that box of gifts. To realize the greatest gift is especially for those who donate to it.

Since there are no shortages of Warriors out there, we have to find artists, supplies, materials for gifts, and other gift-givers ,who want this moment when Warriors see the effort, and TIME, we take to gather and make this moment possible, was done because the power of their story unite us in an effort belonging to the ones who fight for the very thing we waste the most: TIME. We aim to extend the time it takes to finish opening this gift, that some parts of this gift last forever.

In this extraordinarily difficult part of their lives, we try to take away their thoughts of despair, of loneliness, of fear, and replace it with love, family, friendship, and gifts. To see their faces light with joy, with surprise, with gratitude they are considered a Warrior, that they stop feeling embarrassed, or bothersome at asking for our help and support; our mission in a single gesture: TO SHOW OUR WARRIORS THEIR FIGHT FOR LIFE IS A WORK OF ART.

Help us, embrace us, teach us, lead us, show us how we can use your donations to change the world. Or, let us show you how we can transform your donations into moments that change everything. After 309 nominations in 18 months, we've learned especially this; there isn't a gift that we can give that will ever be good enough. But, we can damn sure try, at least do that, because typing "prayers" with an emoji of two hands praying isn't enough.

We keep nothing you donate, it all goes to them, we've given and will continue to give everything we have for them. With that promise comes people who are drawn to help us, who donate to the Warpaint Project knowing its never thought twice about why we do this, that we give it all away for free. We've not fundraised for months, paying for everything on our own, now we need your help. Please donate, please share, please give this gift with us. We'll take anything you'll give and use it with respect and thrift, we have more Warriors than we have the time or talent for, but we've yet to turn anyone down, all we ask for from you is the ability to invite more Warriors into our home.

This is where your help meets Warriors in waiting. Thank you.

Catch up at and click videos. See for yourself how important it is we continue

All our best,

Aubre and Joe

The WarPaint Project 501c3 Nonprofit

Where a Warriors Fight for their Life Becomes a Work of Art.


Giving custom artwork away to Warriors of Cancer, Autism, and other Diagnosis, to honor their bravery, fearlessness, faithfulness, and spirit. We share their story, rally the troops, and give a gift only a Warrior can have; it cannot be bought, cannot be duplicated; Warrior Art: Artwork Inspired By Warriors Of Life. 

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