A Spiritual Journey through generosity, art, and people who deserve more
By: AUbre' Murphy and Joseph Stone 

This Book is Dedicated to the Warriors in The WarPaint Project whose light shown in places once so dark we didn't know they existed; whose faith brought us enlightenment, the kind that transformed us individually and as a family; who taught us the meaning of love, a love we never knew possible; whose stories inspired artwork we would have never attempted without them. 

To you we owe, with great honor, the story of how this project became the centerpiece to our world and the stepping stone to the people, the artists, the parents, and the couple we are today; we've become the people we admired from afar; people we knew we would never become; people who, until we devoted ourselves "all in" to the needs of others could not have been open enough to find the flaws and fix them. 

Thank you; we will live our eternity with the highest achievement in life; to find a way to show Warriors of Life that their fight is worth every human being stopping to give to them anything that might improve their life, even if it's art; with the intent to heal, to acknowledge their fight as what it really is; a War to win back the healthy life, a life with luxuries like growing old. In this War we learn so much about the human will, the soul and spirit, and we learn the answers to, "what if"? To those who grace us with their experiences, allowing us to share their story, enabling us to learn about a life of fighting; we applaud you; we are so inspired by you that we devoted ourselves to this cause; to give you anything we have that might show you how much of an inspiration you are; we strive to teach you the power behind your story and wrote this so you can know the impact of 221 Warriors on two people who paint and give away their artwork to people who deserve far more than a painting. Then again, we've only begun to tell everyone how powerful and deserving you are! 

Innerocity; an undeniable pull to give to another person whatever they need, feeling every instinct bestowed on you that you're being called to give this one person, this one thing, right now; knowing all the while the grave mistake it would be to deny this one person, this one thing, right now. The instinctual pull to be generous has impeccable timing, the selection of you and your recipient is meaningful, instantly creating waves of enormous purpose that you were the only one who could given this gift. "Innerocity" is what we call this phenomenon, this 'test' of mankind, these moments we've all experienced; it's exactly what you thought; God choosing you to get some work done. We founded this project on this feeling and experience it every single day; it is the secret to happiness, to purposeful living, and it's the right thing to do. The best part is, the more you give in, the more you give, the higher the sacrifice, the greater the lengths; the more often you're trusted with his endeavors. To this life-style of give, and give more, you find a connection to yourself and others that cannot be explained; the gift of inner-peace, of a home like a sanctuary, of a relationship that feels as if it began a day ago, with a home filled with energy and love; it;s what you feel when you've given, to give. 

Let's take a journey through 'Innerocity" and give you what took us 14 months to find; being generous is the key to life.