Meet Tricia

Patricia “Tricia” Rymer
Warrior of METASTATIC Breast Cancer Stage 4. Diagnosed in 2013.

Dear Tricia,
You are my WARRIOR in the fight against the DEVASTATION of CANCER. In the three years I have known you, I have seen how this has taken away your strength, energy, and zest for life. You are CHALLENGED with MBC and raising a beautiful young daughter as a single mother. You were force to give up your career of 30 years before you wanted to transition to retirement. DESPITE all of these challenges, you still are able to provide love and a wonderful childhood for your daughter, Kylee. You want to give back to the community by being a leader for other cancer survivors and mentoring them. You dream of starting a support group to help others with MBC. You welcomed two wonderful dogs with personality and charm into your home and take care of them as if they were your children. The years of struggle are real, but you give love and life to all those around you. YOu are my warrior.
Painting Ideas? It would be great to have her by the ocean with her daughter and her dogs Hunter and Roxy.

What does your Warrior do for fun? Hobbies? Special Interests? Collects anything? :
She loves to garden and fix up her home.
Tell us about your Warrior’s personality: Tricia is the most kind hearted sweet soul who thinks of other before herself.

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Warrior of Breast Cancer

Warrior of METASTATIC Breast Cancer Stage 4. Diagnosed in 2013.

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