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Warrior of Childhood Cancer

The canvas was sat on the easel, the night before, and the following day the sun shine created rainbows throughout the house from beveled glass on the windows. A single rainbow prism was created on the exact spot I painted the Pink Floyd logo. I painted on top of an actual rainbow. I have to believe that Justin's spirit was with us that day. Then, not knowing its significance, we shipped his painting the next day. It arrived on what would be his 3rd birthday, a celebration would be done for him, his painting arrived in perfect time; thank you Justin!

Warrior Kids

The spirit is a powerful thing; powerful enough t ocreate rainbows on canvas and be delivered (coincidentally) on what would be Justin's 3rd birthday

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Our Warrior's Strength, as they fight for life, their bravery and nobility, are the truest work of Art

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